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SEO doesn’t have to feel like an endless rabbit hole or be overwhelming.

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which means how you optimise your online presence (generally a website) to rank high on a search engine’s organic searches ie unpaid search results.

Given that Google has the dominant market share for search engines, realistically we’re talking about the factors you use to rank high on Google’s first page, excluding paid ads.

Why is SEO important for your business?

As a small business owner, SEO is a topic that should be a high priority in your business.

That’s because organic search traffic, specifically via Google, is one of the main ways, if not THE main way, that you will drive traffic to your website.

If no one can find you on Google, your business is basically invisible.

Increasing traffic to your website means increasing leads and sales and getting people onto your email list.

Plus if you earn advertising or affiliate income, increasing traffic means more money in your pocket!

Google Search Console Screenshot

Why most people don’t do SEO well

So many entrepreneurs that I come across simply don’t pay any attention to SEO, or implement SEO half-heartedly, because:

I have no idea where to start or what to do. I’m completely overwhelmed

It feels like a long game compared to social media, where you get immediate likes/followers/enquiries.

My business is in a saturated market and trying to rank on Google seems like a lost cause.

It’s so boring! I’m not a details person and I don’t enjoy looking at all the stats and data.

I don’t know how to set up my website to do it well – I’m not tech-savvy.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Why you should care about SEO

Given that the majority of small business owners don’t do SEO well, you can really stand out from the crowd if you implement even some SEO best practices.

Plus optimising your website for SEO best practices is time and money well spent.

You will be able to see a direct return on your investment because you’re be able to track how the free traffic you get converts to paying customers.

And growing your website traffic is a much more reliable way to generate leads than relying on only Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel. At any time those companies could close your account, change the algorithm so none of your posts gets seen or make you pay to play on their platform.

If you build your business just on social media you are building your business on rented land. If you have a SEO-optimised website, you are building your business on your own turf, that you can control.

How I can help you with SEO

SEO doesn’t have to feel like an endless rabbit hole or be overwhelming.

I can hold your hand through the process. I AM your details person. I AM your data nerd. I WILL be able to demystify SEO for you.

And I am proof that doing SEO well works. It’s no accident that my family travel blog can reach 660k unique visitors and 1.4 million page views a year.

How I do SEO differently from the other guys

The majority of SEO companies will sign you up to a (pricey) monthly retainer…and then you just hope and pray that they’re doing the work they say they’ll be doing and that you’ll see the results you want.

With me, you get to pick and choose your SEO services. That means you can receive exactly the advice and service you need for right now.

It also means that you know what you’re paying for and what you’re going to get for your investment.

So yeah – you can get me to help you with it all, or we can go on a choose-your-own SEO adventure!

I can even teach you how to do SEO – or I can do it for you!

Types of SEO

There are 3 types of SEO

  • On-page SEO relates to the content on your website
  • Technical SEO relates to the non-content elements of your website
  • Off-page SEO relates to the relationship of your website to other websites.

I offer services in all three categories.

Keyword Research & Keyword Optimisation

Without optimising your website for the right keywords, your excellent services and beautiful products will not be able to be found by those people who need and want them.

Complete SEO Site Audit

Find out how your site operates in the eyes of Google and your ideal customer – so you have the best chance of getting seen online. 

Keyword Strategy Implementation

Already have a website and armed with newfound keyword knowledge – but don’t have time or energy to edit all those posts, pages and images?

Google My Business Setup

So you’ve set up your Google account and received your magical Google My Business postcard. Now what?

SEO Content Marketing

I’ll write, publish and promote SEO-optimised content that helps you to attract and retain your ideal customers and build authority in your niche.

Off Page SEO Plan

Check out what your competitors are doing and use your custom report to find high-quality backlinks and guest post opportunities.  

SEO 1:1 Coaching

Book 1:1 time to get tailored advice on how to get started with SEO or refining your SEO strategy.

SEO Quick Start Course

Coming soon!

Still not sure if you need SEO in your business?

Let’s have a chat! Just book a free 15-minute no-obligation call with me so that I can learn more about your business needs.

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