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Learn about SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media & Productivity for Business Owners with me!

You don’t need to learn everything – you just need to learn the right things

Let’s be honest. As business owners, we all get Shiny Object Syndrome!

It’s so easy to get distracted by the next fun, cool thing that everyone else seems to be doing.

And we also don’t like feeling like we’re missing out on some new thing that might make a difference to our business #FOMO


Why try Just In Time Learning

Just in Time learning basically means only learning something in order to complete the task that’s right in front of you.

Everything else? Store in Evernote, Notes, Google Keep, a notebook and file it away for ‘Someday'(and let’s be honest – maybe you’ll get to it someday, maybe you won’t).

It’s the Joy Of Opting Out (instead of the Fear of Missing Out). It’s the freedom to say NO to things that may not move the needle on your business – and saying YES to the things that I know from experience will make an impact on how you grow your business.

Bright Smart Branded Page Image Training

Learn from my same mistakes

Repeat after me: Not all work is created equal.

I’ve spent 9 years building my own businesses and I’ve definitely wasted time on things that made little impact for my business – whether it’s spending time crafting Instagram graphics or taking 60 minutes to create a 5-minute video.

What has made the difference to my business? Learning about and taking action on SEO, email marketing and social media (primarily on Facebook and Instagram).

If you’re:

  • not ready to outsource yet;
  • wanting to know the basics before you outsource;
  • already outsourcing and want to manage the work yourself/want to upskill; or
  • wanting to learn how to run a small business in a sustainable way while juggling kids and maybe a day job from someone who’s done it before,

then I’m here to help!

6 Week Launch Challenge

I built Bright Smart from scratch in just 6 weeks! In this free 6-week email series I share my journey from zero to launch.

I learnt a lot in 6 weeks and you will too, whether you’re starting a side hustle or already have an established business!

Productivity Hacks for Small Business

When you’re juggling several small businesses and young kids, you gotta learn how to make the most of your limited time. Watch my live workshop and let’s take your productivity to the next level!

SEO 1:1 Coaching

Book 1:1 time to get tailored advice on how to get started with SEO or refining your SEO strategy.

Email Marketing 1:1 Coaching

Book 1:1 time to get tailored advice on how to get started with email marketing or refining your current email marketing strategy.

Social Media 1:1 Coaching

Book 1:1 time to get tailored advice on your current social media practices with suggestions on how to refine your processes so you can spend less time with greater impact.

Custom Training

Want to discuss custom training for you or your team? Just get in touch!

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